Patricia Montesdeoca IIeX NIMF 2015 Patricia Montesdeoca, Colgate Palmolive

Worldwide Director Personal Care Insights, Colgate Palmolive (United States)

Currently, as Global Category Insights for Marketing, I am responsible for creating and strengthening our PCP Brand Equities by driving global strategies & innovation as well as local engagement & implementation. As part of the CMI Leadership I also create and safeguard guidelines used to gain the insight that make the strategies come to life. Eisenhower said “Leadership is the art of getting someone to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” This is an accurate description of how “Global” works. I have used my Insight of the market, categories and consumer paired with knowledge of the internal climate to lead by influential collaboration. Understanding where the Local, Division & Global needs intersect and diverge, has been my secret weapon to adding value to the equation and thus being “invited to play”.

Before the Global Insight role, I developed the Shopper Insights & Business Analytics role for the Colgate Latin American Division. I am an Organizational Psychologist by education (George Mason University), a Consumer Strategy Specialist by trade, and a Colombian by birth.

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