David Forbes Dr. David Forbes, Forbes Consulting Group

Chief Innovation Officer, The Forbes Consulting Group (United States)

David Forbes holds a Ph.D. in clinical and cognitive psychology from Clark University, and was a member of the faculties of Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry and the Harvard Laboratory of Human Development before beginning his career as a business consultant. Dr. Forbes founded Forbes Consulting over 20 years ago as a strategic market research consultancy dedicated to creating business advantage through deep psychological consumer insights. Since that time, he has built Forbes into a major resource for scores of major corporations in the CPG, Financial Services, and Pharmaceuticals industries, domestically and internationally.

David is the creator of the MindSight® emotional assessment technologies, a suite of applied neuropsychological methods for understanding consumer emotion and motivation, without the distortions of conscious editing and self presentation. This image-based tool has been validated globally, and is currently in use world-wide.

His work on MindSight® won David an ARFGreat Mind award, and he was a recipient of the Brand Innovator Award at the 2012 World Brand Congress. David has been recognized as a strategic consultant by many of his Fortune 100 clients, where he has given invited talks about leveraging consumer understanding into strategic business advantage. He is also frequently asked to provide strategic moderation of executive planning sessions.

David is a valued presenter at industry conferences, and an active member of many industry groups. He has presented conference papers on topics ranging from occasion-based segmentation to strategies for emotional research with physicians, to measuring shopper emotional experiences in the moment using mobile research technology. David’s seminal publication on motivational theory* has reshaped dialog on this topic. His soon to be released book details how his motivational theory can work for everyone from marketers seeking to craft more compelling product messages, to individuals seeking personal understanding.

David lives in Lincoln MA with his wife and two children. He enjoys sailing, diving, and adventure travel in

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